Forbes Article: Top Ten Things You Should Look For In A Cloud Point Of Sale (POS) Platform
Point of Sale has come a long way, baby. Finding your next POS doesn't have to be daunting.

From standalone terminals, to connected, multi-terminal/multi-location systems, to today’s app-based, cloud-powered restaurant management platforms, POS continues to evolve.

Many merchants aren’t just looking for their next POS. They’re also looking for ways to  strategically modernize and future-proof their entire operation, including their technology. That's where cloud restaurant management platforms shine. A future-ready restaurant management platform that's app-based and cloud-powered can play a huge role and can launch a restaurant to new heights of success, saving tons of money and turning trends and customer insights into sales and competitive advantage.

Here’s the challenge: With all of this rapid change and advancement and a market flooded with options, it’s hard to know what you should look for in a modern POS.

With decades of experience in restaurant and hospitality, including founding a POS company, Xenial President Christopher Sebes has valuable insights to share. Check out his latest article published by the Forbes Technology council and discover what you should look for in a cloud POS. You’ll find the article here.