The Main Screen Overview

The Drive-Thru Director Main Screen displays the following:

The Main Screen Header

The Main Screen Header displays the following:

  • Current Time

  • Current Day Part

  • Upcoming Day Part

The Day Part and All-Day Tiles

The Day Part and All-Day Tiles are able to display the following data:

  • Day Part or All-Day Indicator

  • Completed Events

  • The Speed of Service Goal for each segment

  • The Average Speed of Service achieved for each segment

  • The Goal-Met Percentage for each segment

  • The Total Average Speed of Service for all completed events in the Day Part and for the entire day


Information displayed on the Tiles depends on the configuration. Configuration standards are typically set by the Parent Brand.

Virtual Drive-Thru

The virtual drive-thru displays a digital representation of the vehicles in the drive-thru, their positions, and their current wait-times.

Drive-Thru Director has the ability to display the following drive-thru segments:

  • Menu Board (single or double-lane)

  • Pay Window (optional)

  • Pickup Window

  • Vehicles waiting in line