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Holding Units (PHUs)

Holding Units (PHUs) hold cooked items and keeps them at a safe temperature until they are used in an assembled product.

For more information about Holding Units, see:

For Kitchen Equipment Setup, see:

Holding Unit Status Color Codes

The Holding Units on the Chef Main Screen and the Physical Holding Units display visual cues to instruct the kitchen staff.

Background Color

Text Color


Holding Unit Lights



Active Pan, Use Now

Solid Green Light



Waiting, Use Next

Solid Yellow Light



DO NOT USE ITEMS. Discard Expired Items

Flashing Red Light



Item Projected on Cook List

Solid Red Light


Dark Gray

Empty Pan

No Light

Holding Unit Pan Assignments: Create

The Portal Chef Set Up Menus Set Up Pan Assignments

Use the Set Up Pan Assignments utility to assign products to Holding Unit pans or to change pan assignments by Day Part.

To assign products to holding unit pans:

  1. From the expandable site list on the left, select a site.

    • Alternatively, use the Search field to locate and select a site.

  2. From the Holding Unit dropdown, select a holding unit.

  3. Directly under the holding unit, select a day of the week.

  4. Directly under the day of the week, select a day part.

  5. From the Select Product dropdown, select a product to assign to each pan.

    • Add products as if looking at the Holding Unit with the power button on the right.

    • The red dashes surrounding a pan or group of pans indicate a Heat Zone.

    For more information see, Heat Zones.

  6. Once all pans in the holding unit are assigned a product, use Copy Settings to copy this configuration to one or more days.

    • To highlight multiple selections, press and hold CTRL on the keyboard.

  7. Repeat Schritt 4 thru Schritt 6 for all Day Parts.

  8. On the upper-right of the panel, select Save Changes.

  9. From the menu list on the left of The Portal, select Sync Changes to Restaurants.

    For more information, see Sync Changes.

Heat Zones

A heat zone is determined by the product assigned to a Holding Unit pan. A heat zone is represented with a red dashed outline that appears around a pan or a groups of pans. Heat zone tolerances are determined by the Parent Brand and the equipment manufacturer. The size and configuration of the Holding Unit determines the heat zone range of one or more pans.

When a product is assigned to a pan, the surrounding pans within the heat zone automatically fill with the same product. Products with the same heat zone tolerance may be reassigned to the surrounding pans. An "Out of Heat Range" advisory message appears next to the products that do not have the same heat zone tolerance.

Mirror Option

Use the Mirror Option when a holding unit is accessible from both sides.


Create a view for both the "front" and "back" of the holding unit to allow the kitchen staff to view the holding unit from their point-of-view.

To create a Mirror viewing option:

  1. Create a view that reflects the PHU from the front.

  2. Create another view that reflects the PHU from the front, but select Mirrored.

  3. From the menu list on the left of The Portal, select Sync Changes to Restaurants.

    For more information, see Sync Changes.

When a PHU view is marked as Mirrored, a Mirrored icon appears next to the PHU on the Chef display.

Copy Pan Assignments

The Portal Chef Set Up Menus Copy Pan Assignments

Copy Pan Assignments copies configured Holding Unit Pan Assignments to other sites with matching Kitchen Equipment and Day Part assignments.

To copy pan assignments:

  1. From the site list on the left, select the site to copy from.

  2. Sites that have matching Kitchen Equipment and Day Part assignments appear in the center of the panel. Select the checkbox beside each site that is to receive the copied assignment(s).

  3. At the top of the panel, select Copy Configuration.

  4. From the menu list on the left of The Portal, select Sync Changes to Restaurants.

Holding Unit Temperature Information

To view Holding Unit Temperature Information, select the information icon info_button.png located at the upper-right of the Holding Unit area.


The temperature screen displays the following:

  • Ingredient Name

  • Actual Temperature

  • Set Point Temperature

  • Pan Status

  • If a Lid is Required

Pan Alarms

Pan Alarms appear when the temperature of the Holding Unit is outside the configured temperature variance or when Chef experiences issues communicating with the Holding Unit. Select the alert on the Chef screen to view more information about the error.


Pan Alarms are visible on the:

  • Chef Main Screen

  • Holding Unit Temperature Screen