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Manager Functions

The following Encounter POS topics are related to manager functions.



Set Routing

Setup how order items are routed to the kitchen screens.

Terminal Update

Update the POS application on the terminal to the latest version.

Update one terminal and verify it functions properly before updating the remaining terminals.

Insert Status

  • Log On - Log on a new or existing insert.

  • Log Off - Log off an insert. Once logged off, the insert may be moved to another terminal (if necessary).

  • Deactivate - Once deactivated, no more sales may be entered on the insert. When an employee logs on to the terminal, a new insert number is assigned.

Login to Management Console

Local Login

  1. Swipe the Manager card using the card reader.

  2. Select Manager.

  3. Select the company logo.

  4. Type the Username/Password.

  5. Select Login.

Remote Login

  1. Open a browser.

  2. Go to

  3. Type the Username/Password.

  4. Select Login.

Cash Skim

A Cash Skim involves removing excess cash from an insert and transferring the cash to a safe. Cash Skims reduce the opportunity for theft.

Encounter POS can be configured to prompt the manager to perform a Cash Skim when the amount of cash in the insert reaches a certain level. Cash Skims are automatically deducted from the insert when it is closed and counted.

From Order Entry Terminal

  1. Swipe the Manager card using the card reader.

  2. Type the currency amount of the skim (e.g. 10000 for $100.00).

  3. Select Skim.

From Management Console

  1. Select the Sales tab.

  2. Select the Tasks tab.

  3. Select Add Skim.

  4. Type the currency amount of the skim (e.g. 10000 for $100.00).

  5. Select the insert where the skim occurred.

  6. Select Add Record.

Change Price


If item prices are managed from the Xenial Menu Maintenance Portal, please contact the database administrator to change prices.

Navigate to Edit Products

  1. Select the Sales tab.

  2. Select the Maintenance tab.

  3. Select Edit Products.

    • To edit a value meal, select Edit Value Meal.

Change Price

  1. Use the Quick Search dropdown or the text search to find the item.

  2. Highlight the Price field, and then type the new price.

  3. Select Submit.

  4. Perform a Terminal Update at one terminal.

  5. Verify the item is working correctly.

  6. Perform a Terminal Update on the remaining terminals.