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Employees is used to manage individual employee records including contact information and access permissions to specific POS functions.

Search Employees

Nextep Portal Employees Employees

To search for an employee:

  1. In the Search field in the upper-left, type the employee name.

    By default, only "Active" employees are listed. To the left of the Search field, select Include Inactive to also list "Inactive" employees.

  2. Select Search.

Add Security Role

Nextep Portal Employees Security

Security roles determine the POS functions that employees have permission to perform. Assign a security role to each employee in their profile.

To add a security role:

  1. From the lower-right of the Security screen, select Edit Roles.

  2. In the Name field, type the security role name.

  3. From the Capability list, select the POS functions that employees with this security role have permission to perform.

    For a description of each POS function, see POS Functions below.

  4. From the lower-right of the Security screen, select Save.

POS Functions



Admin - Edit Price

Change the price of an item.

Admin - Enable/Disable Items

Manage the availability of menu items on a menu.

Admin Access

Administrator access.

Alcohol Override

Override restriction to sell alcohol.

Assign Drawer

Assign a cash drawer to an employee to perform transactions.

Balance Drawer

Balance a cash drawer after counting it.

Cancel Order

Cancel the currently active order.

Cash Drop

Perform a cash drop to keep the amount of cash in the register low to prevent theft.

Clock In Self

Clock In self to start shift.

Clock In/Out Employee

Clock in/out another employee.

Clock Out Self

Clock Out self to start shift.

Deactivate Loyalty Rewards Card

Deactivate Loyalty Rewards Card to prevent its use.

Delivery Dashboard

Access the order delivery dashboard.

Delivery Dashboard Manager (view all drivers)

Access the order delivery dashboard and view all drivers.

Discounts & Comps

Apply discounts and coupons to orders.

Driver Cash Drop

Delivery driver cash drop.

Driver Settlement

Delivery driver cash settlement.

Hold Order

Place the current order on hold.


Access the Log Book to view employee messages.

No Sale

Open the physical cash drawer without performing a sales transaction.

Open Item

Open Item.


Perform payouts from the register.

POS Summary

Access the POS Summary screen, which provides a report of the current day’s sales, refunds, voids and transaction totals.


Perform a partial or full refund.

Remove Drawer

Remove the currently assigned cash drawer.

Remove Item

Remove an item from the order.


Reopen an order.

Run POS in Offline Mode

Operate the POS while offline.

Switch Applications

Switch to a different application.

Tax Exempt

Designate an order as Tax Exempt (requires a Tax ID number).


Void a transaction that was previously tendered. Voided transactions are not included in the transaction history, but appear as a line item on POS reports.

Add Position

Nextep Portal Employees Positions

To add an employee position:

  1. In the lower-left of the Positions page, select Add Position.

  2. On the Add Position form, define the following:




    Position name


    Position code or ID


    Color to identify the position on the schedule

    Delivery Driver?

    If selected, the position involves delivering orders to customers in a vehicle.


    If selected, the position can be assigned to employees.


    If selected, the position is not available to be assigned to employees.

Add Employee


Before adding an employee, complete the following:

Nextep Portal Employees Employees

To add an employee:

  1. In the lower-left of the Employees screen, select Add Employee.

  2. In the provided fields, type the employee information.

    Fields marked with an asterisk * are required.

Add Time Entry

Nextep Portal Employees Time Entry

To add a time entry for an employee:

  1. In the lower-left of the Time Entry page, select Add Time Entry.

  2. From the Employee dropdown, select the employee.

  3. In the provided fields, enter the time entry details.

  4. In the lower-left, select Save.


Employees cannot be clocked in/out from Nextep.

Edit Time Entry

Nextep Portal Employees Time Entry

To edit a time entry for an employee:

  1. From the Time Entry page, locate the employee.

    • Above the employee list, use the provided fields to search for the employee, if necessary.

  2. To the right of the employee row, select Edit.

  3. Edit the time entry as needed, and then select Save.