Manage Site Data

This section describes how to manage the configuration data at company sites.

Refresh POS Data on a Terminal

Xenial PortalSites

To ensure the terminals at a site are operating with the most current configuration data (e.g. product prices, discounts), an operator with the appropriate permissions may remotely download the latest Data Management updates to one or more terminals.

To refresh site data on one or more terminals:

  1. From the Sites homepage, select the site.

  2. From the Actions dropdown, select Refresh POS Data.

  3. From the Select Terminals to Refresh POS Data window, select the terminals to refresh.

    • By default, all terminals are selected.

  4. Select Refresh [#] Terminals.

  5. When prompted to confirm the operation, select Refresh.

Data Update Notification

The updated configuration data is downloaded and consumed between terminal transactions. If a terminal is in use at the time of the update, a notification is displayed in a popup window with the option to either accept the Refresh Data operation or postpone it until the terminal is no longer in use.

  • The cashier is able to postpone the Refresh Data operation for three (3) minutes or three (3) orders (whichever comes first) before the notification is displayed again.

  • Once the notification is displayed, the Refresh Data operation is initiated automatically if the cashier does not select an option within thirty (30) seconds.

  • If the Refresh Data operation is not accepted within fifteen (15) minutes after the first notification, the operation is automatically initiated without the option to postpone it.

Refresh XKM Data

Xenial PortalSites

To refresh Xenial Kitchen Management (XKM) data at a site:

  1. From the Sites homepage, select the site.

  2. From the Actions dropdown, select Refresh XKM Data.

  3. From the Select Stations to Refresh XKM Data window, select the stations to refresh.

    • By default, all stations are selected.

  4. Select Refresh [#] Stations.

  5. When prompted to confirm the operation, select Refresh.

Clear Site Data

Xenial PortalSites

The Clear Data feature deletes all transaction and reporting data from a site. The cleared data includes Order, Drawer, and Deposit data.

To clear data from a site:

  1. From the Sites homepage, select the site to update.

  2. From the Actions dropdown, select Clear Data.

  3. In the Clear All Data Before field, select the calendar icon.

  4. From the Select Date window, select the cut-off date for the clear data operation.

    • Transaction data prior to the selected date is cleared. Data from the selected date (and all dates after the selected date) is preserved.

  5. Select Apply.

  6. When prompted, select Confirm to confirm the clear data operation.

  7. Select Clear Data.

Copy Data to a Site

Xenial PortalSites

To copy Data Management configuration data from one site to another site:

  1. From the Sites homepage, select the site to copy.

  2. From the Actions dropdown, select Copy Data To.

  3. From the Copy Site window, follow these steps:

    • In the New Site Name field, type the name of the new site.

    • In the New Site ID field, type an identification code for the new site.

    • From the Copy Xenial Components section, select the data to copy to the new site.

    • Select Copy Site.

  4. Using the Create Site editor, complete the required fields to finalize the process of creating a new site.


Some Data Management components are dependent on other components. For example, the Product Variants component is dependent on the Variant Type component.

When a component is selected, any dependent components are automatically selected and cannot be deselected.

The selector color is shaded blue to identify required components.

Revert a Site Copy

Xenial PortalSites

The Copy Data to a Site function copies Data Management configuration settings from one site to another.

To revert the settings for a site back to their original value:

  1. From the Sites homepage, select the site that received the copied data.

  2. From the Actions dropdown, select Revert Copy.

  3. When prompted to confirm the operation, select Done.


The Revert Copy function is only available within 24 hours of the original site copy procedure.

If more than one procedure was performed within the last 24 hours, the Revert Copy function is available for each procedure beginning with the most recent.