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The Main Screen Overview

The Drive-Thru Director Main Screen displays the following:

The Main Screen Header

The Main Screen Header displays:

  • Current Time

  • Current Day Part

  • Upcoming Day Part

The Day Part and All-Day Tiles

The Day Part and All-Day Tiles are configurable and display speed of service information:

  • Day Part or All-Day indicator

  • The total number of completed events

  • The drive-thru segments (Menu Board, Pay Window, Pickup Window)

  • The Speed of Service Goal* for each segment

  • The Average Speed of Service achieved for each segment

  • The Goal-Met Percentage for each segment

  • The Total Average Speed of Service for all completed events in the Day Part and for the entire day

*Speed of service goals are typically set by the Parent Company.

Virtual Drive-Thru

The virtual drive-thru is a digital representation of the drive-thru: the vehicles, their positions, and their current wait-times.

The following segments are available:

  • Menu Board (single or double-lane)

  • Pay Window

  • Pickup Window

  • Vehicles waiting in line