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Gift Provider Profiles

Xenial Portal Data Management Ordering Settings Settings Gift Provider Profiles

Use the Gift Provider Profiles editor to manager profile details for each gift card service provider including the valid account number BIN ranges.

To add a profile for a gift card service provider:

  1. From the Gift Provider Profiles page, select Add Profile.

  2. From the Provider dropdown on the Choose Provider popup, select the gift card service provider.

  3. From the Choose Provider popup, select Continue.

  4. From the menu pane on the left, select a page and define the respective settings.




    Define settings specific to the selected provider:

    XDM - Gift Provider Profiles - BIN Ranges.XDM - Gift Provider Profiles - BIN Ranges

    Define BIN ranges for the gift card service provider.

    A bank identification number (BIN) is the first 4-6 numbers of a credit card account number. The BIN identifies the bank that issued the card.

    The BIN ranges are used to determine the validity of a credit card and to honor specific attributes.

  5. From the upper-right of the screen, select Save.


See also Liability Items for additional gift card configuration settings.