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About Kitchen Schemes

A kitchen scheme is a set of configuration specifications for each kitchen station. Typically, a unique kitchen scheme is defined for each day part and/or for High Volume and Low Volume business hours.

For example, a High Volume kitchen scheme includes all four kitchen stations in the site while the Low Volume kitchen scheme only includes two kitchen stations.

When the XKM application starts, the most recent kitchen scheme is reloaded.

Kitchen Schemes

Xenial Cloud Portal Data Management Kitchen Settings

To create a kitchen scheme:

  1. From the Kitchen Settings menu, select Kitchen Schemes.

  2. (Optional) From the upper-right of the screen, select Select Sites to choose sites for the update.

  3. From the Kitchen Schemes screen, select Create Kitchen Scheme.

  4. In the Name field, type a name for the kitchen scheme.

  5. In the Description field, type a description of the kitchen scheme.

  6. Toggle Active to Active if the kitchen scheme is currently available for use at the site.

  7. From the Topography Configuration section, add one or more kitchen stations. See Add Station to Kitchen Scheme.

  8. From the upper-right of the screen, select Save.

Add Station to Kitchen Scheme

Configure a full screen or split screen kitchen station. A split screen displays one screen (feed) in the top half of the screen and another screen (feed) in the bottom half.

To add a kitchen station to a kitchen scheme:

  1. From the Topography Configuration section of the kitchen scheme, select +Station.

  2. On the Add Station form, define the following:



    Kitchen Station

    From the dropdown, select the kitchen station.

    Enable Splitscreen

    Toggle On to add a split screen station:

    • From the Top Screen dropdown, select the screen (feed) to display in the top half of the display.

    • From the Bottom Screen dropdown, select the screen (feed) to display in the bottom half of the display.

    Toggle Off to add a full screen station:

    • From the Full Screen dropdown, select the screen (feed) to display at this full screen station.

    Select the color coding for the "Claim" and "Complete" indicators.

    • The "Claim" and "Complete" indicators are used when kitchen staff members claim or assign order items to themselves for preparation.

    • "Claimed" and "Completed" items are tagged and color coded to distinguish the items from other items on the ticket, and identify the kitchen display where the items were claimed/completed.

    Claim/Complete Colors

    Select the color coding for the "Claim" and "Complete" indicators.

    • Claim Color - Select the desired color code for a “claimed” order item.

    • Claim Check Color - Select the desired color code for the check mark that is used to indicate a “completed” order item.

    Forecaster Tags

    From the dropdown, select forecaster tags to associate with the kitchen station.

    Use forecaster tags to filter the order items that are displayed on the Production Forecast Pane.

    For example, if the “Burgers” tag is selected, then only order items that have been assigned the “Burgers” tag are displayed on the Production Forecast Pane.

  3. From the lower-right of the Add Station form, select Done.