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Remote Performance Monitoring

The Portal → Chef → Admin Options

The Admin Options offer the following utilities to remotely monitor Chef performances:



Chef Health Monitor

Review Chef connectivity at sites and to devices--such as PHUs

Chef Live View

Mirrors the Chef display in real time. Viewable from the back office or off-site location

Chef Restaurant Replay

View Chef performance for a specified time segment

Chef Health Monitor

The Portal Chef Admin Options Chef Health Monitor

The Chef Health Monitor detects technical issues that affect the performance of the Chef unit or associated holding units.

Status for the Chef unit and its associated holding units for each site is indicated by a table of colored icons .



Main Company

The name of the parent company

Restaurant Number

The site's assigned number

Chef Device

Displays the performance of the Chef unit


Displays the status of configuration-synchronization data of any of the associated holding units


Displays the performance of the respective numbered holding units

The Health Monitor utilizes icons to indicate the status of the device. The icons appear in green, red, grey, and a green and red combination



Green Chef/PHU Icon

Indicates proper configuration in the Chef Device, Config, or PHU

Red Chef Icon

Indicates there is at least one performance issue in the Chef Device, Config, or PHU

Red and Green PHU Icon

Indicates one or more pans inside that PHU has a problematic condition

This icon is exclusively located under the PHU is properly connected and communicating with Chef

  1. Select the row of the site in the site table .

  2. In the Chef Device column, hover the pointer on an icon to activate a performance summary tool-tip.

  3. In the Config column, hover to pointer on an icon to activate a PHU configuration status tool-tip.

  4. Hover the cursor on the PHU icon within the row to examine the status pop-up window for that particular PHU.


Filtering the Health Monitor Table

To filter the information displayed in the Health Monitor table:

  • Select one of the following options in the Filter section in the upper-right corner of the screen.

Filter Name


Device Issues

Displays every site with a potential issue.

Device OK

Displays every site without any issues.

Config Issue

Displays every site for which Chef has not yet loaded configuration-synchronization data for the PHUs.

The Health Monitor uses icons to indicate potential issues with the performance of the Chef unit.


If a complication occurs, Contact Xenial Support.Contact Xenial Support



Chef Hat with a single red square

Chef was not able to connect to give its network status.

Chef Hat with a red POS display

Chef was not able to retrieve information from the POS database.

Chef Hat with a partially red POS display

Chef was not able to generate projections from the POS database.

Exporting Data

The Chef Health Monitor exports a comma-separated value (CSV) data file. This file is readable by a spreadsheet application.

To export data:

  1. In the upper-left of the Health Monitor screen, select the Export icon.

  2. Select either Use Selected Results or Use Matching Results.

    • Use Selected Results exports the data for the sites listed on the current screen.

    • Use Matching Results exports data from all sites.


A summary of status information for all sites is displayed below the Export button.

Live View

The Portal Chef Admin Options Chef Live View

The Live View displays the real-time Chef performance.

To see the Live View:

  1. Select the site from the list on the right side of the Chef Live View.

  2. Select Show Preview.

  3. Live data from the Chef unit displays in a pop-up window.


Switch between PHU views with the dropdown at the bottom of the pop-up.

Restaurant Replay

The Portal Chef Admin Options Chef Restaurant Replay

Restaurant Replay displays Chef activity in two hour blocks in form the last 7 days of the Chef's information.

To start a replay:

  1. From the list of sites in the Chef Live View, select a target site.

  2. Select the date and time for the target two hour block of Chef activity.

  3. Select Start Replay.

  4. A pop-up will display with the Chef GUI replay for the target site and timeframe.

  5. Select the Play button in the right corner of the utility bar.




Drag to find a specific time within the two hour block

Pause Button

Select to pause the replay

6 Dot Button

Select to switch between PHU views