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301.65 | Fingerprints POS

Implementation Date: November 03, 2020

Supplemental Information

This version of Office Enterprise is required in order for Fingerprints 2.98.0 to be deployed to communicate with the Site Configuration service and receive POS Files, Traffic Mode and Survey Text.



Created a service for Office PCs to retrieve configuration data.


Added a new site configuration service to the office installer (Update.msi).


Implemented a Product Update that will add the option for the URI for the Site Configuration Service.

301.64 | Fingerprints POS

Implementation Date: October 08, 2020

Updated Components

  • Delivery

  • PLU Editor

  • Discount Editor

Supplemental Information

The following product updates are required:

  • Product_updates_536426.xml - populates Discount Mapping

  • Product_updates_542349.xml - Populates supported Service Modes

  • Product_updates_582227.xml - French support for Loyalty Card Status

Special Notes

  • The BOH computer requires 301.62 or 301.63 in order to upgrade.

  • A computer with 301.64 is able to process item and keyboard files built from a computer with 301.63 as well as 301.64.

  • If an item file is created on a computer with 301.64, a computer with 301.63 cannot process the file.

  • The required product updates listed are only deployable to locations that have upgraded to 301.64.

  • Office Enterprise 301.64 is required in order to upgrade to Fingerprints or greater.


FPFD-1931, FPFD-2056

Implemented cumulative updates.


Added new Loyalty field to the PLU Editor. This field overrides the delivery upcharge by item (if required). The field contains a default value of zero (0) and override values are parsed as a percentage.


Improvements to the Discount Editor that includes managing enhancements for discounts and promotions.


Improvements to the delivery support service mode.

301.63 | Fingerprints POS

Implementation: January 30, 2020

Updated Components

  • Order Injector Service 301.56 - Installs the service as SICOM Order Injector

  • ReProcessRBI 301.58 - Support to reprocess data from the POS.

  • Fingerprints Availability Exporter 301.60

  • ReProcessRBI 301.62 - support for Microsoft .Net 4.0

Supplemental Information

This update does not contain MSI 301.61 - DigiCert Update and is in a separate update file.

This build has a version of 301.63.1 but reports to Ulmo as 301.63. This build relies on the update from January 28, 2020.

The following was performed at all sites through Screen Connect:

  • Deleted the contents of the Mandatory folder.

  • The HDS POS Status Service was stopped and restarted.

  • Any existing Database locks were cleared.



Need to re-install Export Product Availability after being removed with 301.62. Also need to include files that were missed when MSIs were skipped from 301.56 to 301.62.