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Xenial Back Office

RTIconnect Release Notes are located under the RTIconnect Release Notes page.


In order to streamline versioning between products, Xenial Back Office aligns with RTIconnect versioning.

510.71 | Xenial Back Office

Implementation Date: April 28, 2023

Newly Available Features

  • Multiple Deposits Validation - Validate the details for multiple deposits simultaneously, including the original deposit amount and the verified amount.

  • Inventory Frequency - Specify the physical count frequency for inventory items at specified sites.

510.70 | Xenial Back Office

Implementation Date: March 30, 2023

Newly Available Features

  • Cashier Reporting - Use the utility to generate cash accounting reports for a specific cashier or for all cashiers from selected stores. Choose the items to include on the report, such as Gross Sales, Discounts, Paid Outs, and Manager Voids. For each item, define an optional currency amount threshold.

  • Menu Items Dashboard - Use the utility to identify the menu items to display on the dashboard (or "Menu Item Sales" widget).

  • Store Hours - Use the utility to specify the hours when a store is open for business. Specify the time of day when each day part starts (e.g. BreakfastLunch, and Dinner).

  • Tills - Use the utility to add and manage cash till records. Forms are provided to account for the various pay types and other items included in a till, and to reconcile the currency amounts with the expected values reported by the POS.

510.69 | Xenial Back Office

Implementation Date: February 27, 2023

New Feature

KPIs - Accessible from the Reports and Dashboards menu, the KPIs feature enables users to access reports for their respective stores.

KPIs replaces RTImobile functionality, which is not available on Android devices.

Newly Available Feature

Safe Counts - Add and view safe count records, including the counted quantity and total currency amount of each type of item in the safe.



Implemented Edit and Save on Cash > Tills > Other Information tab.


Implemented RTImobile Search page.


Implemented RTImobile Details page.

510.64 | Xenial Back Office

Implementation Date: August 31, 2022

Employee Schedules

Use the Employee Schedules module to:

  • Create and manage employee schedules, employee availability, and manager fixed schedules.

  • View and edit schedule details in weekly or daily view.

  • View the projected hourly sales for each day and the standard number of man hours to schedule for each job.

  • Manage employee shifts and job assignments on an interactive graphical grid.

For additional information, see Xenial Product Documentation.

510.55 | Xenial Back Office

Implementation Date: December 10, 2021

Common Functions

  • Context-sensitive help provides instructions for each field on a form and helpful things to know.

Time Card Entries

  • Updated naming convention from “Punch Processing” to “Time Card Entries”.

  • Time Card Entries is now available in the new cloud-based user interface. Manage Time Punches, Other Pay and Tips.

  • Updated security options to provide more flexibility around locking down edits to Time Card Entries.

510.50 | Xenial Back Office

Implementation Date: July 19, 2021

Welcome to the inaugural release of the NEW Xenial Back Office!

Common Functions

  • Streamlined with new, improved, cloud-based user interface

  • Updated menus and task lists

Food Module

  • Revamped Inventory Counts functionality, including validation and parameters

  • Improvements to Purchases interface, including flexible approval capabilities, as well as sales tax and shipping field inventory items

  • Improvements to Orders interface, including vendor item information, Calculate Orders, and Order Guides

  • Projections Search improvements


  • Improved Report Types list and reporting drill-through functionality