Xenial Kitchen Management

2021-05-26 | 3.3 Xenial Kitchen Management

The information provided below includes the user experience, process workflow, and infrastructure improvements and updates for this production version of Xenial Kitchen Management (XKM) API and UI.

Supplemental Information

This release is not dependent on another release.

New Features


Android MINIX Support

XKM now runs on Android MINIX boxes thereby reducing the cost of installing the solution. The use of bump bars is supported with the Android MINIX boxes.

XKM-4627, XKM-4959

System Strings Translation

XKM now supports the translation of its system strings to a site's respective language.


Date/Time Format

XKM displays and prints the date/time in the format defined for the selected locale in the Data Management - Site Preferences editor.




XKM can now be installed from within the Shell even without a version of Xenial Ordering setup in Data Management.

XKM-4241, XKM-4973

Order Ready Screen

An issue was resolved where "Ready" orders were not timing out after the configured timeout value had expired.

XKM-4420, XKM-4971

Electron Browser

XKM now operates properly on an Electron browser when Production Mode is not active.


Order Ready Screen

An issue has been resolved with the vertical orientation of the Order Ready Screen.


Order Ready Screen

An issue has been resolved where orders were not appearing on the Order Ready Screen as expected.

XKM-4585, XKM-4968

Order Ready Screen

An issue has been resolved where the status of orders was not updated to "Ready" as expected.


Offline Mode Functions

The following issues related to the Functions menu have been resolved:

  • Recall Screen now opens as expected when the Recall Screen button is selected in offline mode.

  • Recall Last button is disabled in offline mode as expected.

  • Modal window is not dismissed until the Confirm or Cancel button is selected.

  • Selecting Refresh Config in offline mode opens a modal that states the XKM configuration cannot be refreshed in offline mode.



Eligible orders were not automatically bumped if Autobump was set to sixty-five (65) minutes or greater.


Customer Details

Order number was duplicated in the ticket header when Customer Details were populated.


Maintenance Notification

The maintenance notification is now displayed at the appropriate time.


Refresh Config

The Refresh Config date/time was not updated properly after the application was closed and relaunched.


Order Sessions

Child items were not displayed when Order Sessions were enabled.


Combo Meal Upsize Issue

Orders were removed when combo meals were upsized multiple times on the same order.


Bump Bar

The application did not respond to the Bump Bar after the user selected the Enter button.


Bump Bar

The application became unresponsive when the user long pressed the Switch Page button on the bump bar.


Bump Bar

Orders that displayed the watermark numbering from the previous page could not be selected with the bump bar.


Split Screen

When the user switched to split screen, the bottom half of the screen was not displayed.


Order Ready Screen

The customer name was not cleared from the "Ready" section after the defined time interval had elapsed.

XKM-4839, XKM-4934

Offline Mode

If the primary kitchen station was offline, the message 'Kitchen Video Disconnected' was displayed while any POS terminal was used.

XKM-4852, XKM-4929

Refresh Config

After upgrading the application and refreshing configuration, the message "This Menu is Unavailable" was displayed.

XKM-4859, XKM-4925

Refresh Config

FC Expo Screen was sporadically prompting the user to "Refresh Config".


Refresh Config

Language translation was not updated with Refresh Config.


Electron Browser

The application did not fully load on an Electron browser when upgrading to 3.3.2.


Duplicate Station

After downloading the same station to two different devices, the message "Duplicate Station" did not appear.


Blank Screen

A site reported the DT Expo Screen was blank. After a restart, data appeared.


Order Ready Screen

Notifications screen was not displayed properly on the Order Ready screen.


Order Destinations

The designated order destination colors were not displayed on the kitchen screens.


Claim Item

If an existing station was replaced with another device, item claims from other stations were not represented on the replacement station.


Bundle Components

The quantity for deleted bundled child items was incorrect when the parent item quantity was changed.


Order Bump

Blank cells remained on the screen after an order that spanned multiple cells was bumped.


Kitchen Schemes

XKM did not launch if the "Use on First Run" kitchen scheme was set to a custom name.


Ingredients Summary Pane

An issue was resolved where the Ingredients Summary Pane was not displaying information.


Timer Overlap

An issue was resolved where the timer numbers on the kitchen display overlapped when the Column Count was set to 5.



After Wi-Fi was turned off and a different general kitchen station was recognized by the POS, updates were not applied on the original general XKM station when Wi-Fi was turned back on.


Refresh Configs

Refresh Configs was not updating the XKM version.


Claim Item

Claim Item feature was not syncing properly between stations after a 3.2 upgrade.


Electron Browser

When run on an Electron browser, XKM was not sending log files to the cloud.

2021-02-23| 3.2 Xenial Kitchen Management

The information provided below includes the user experience, process workflow, and infrastructure improvements and updates for this production version of Xenial Kitchen Management (XKM) API and UI.

Supplemental Information

This release is not dependent on another release.

New Features


Auto Recall Orders

Items from manually bumped orders can optionally recall automatically to the display when new items are added to the bumped order.

This ensures the kitchen staff is aware that new items have been added to a previously bumped order.


Order/Item Comments

The appearance of item-level and order-level comments is uniform for all order states.



  • All app data is now deleted when XKM is uninstalled from Windows devices. Users are no longer required to manually delete files to install the application for a different kitchen station or business site.

  • When XKM is reinstalled and a different station is selected, the new station is displayed.



Refresh Configuration

The appropriate screen is displayed if the user changes a station name in Data Management and refreshes the configuration.


Claim Items

"Order Complete" is no longer displayed in the footer of Open orders after all items are claimed.

"Ordering In Progress" is displayed for Open orders regardless of the item claiming.


Network Connectivity

Fixed an issue where XKM would not fully function when internet connectivity was lost.


Vehicle Information

To ensure vehicle descriptions and comments are not truncated, the vehicle information container in the kitchen ticket header is now scrollable.


Bumpbar Menu Navigation

The user can now navigate and select options from the Font Size and Kitchen Scheme menus using a bump bar.


Order Destination Filter

Order destination filtering is no longer limited by a case sensitive naming convention.


Order Status

Order Items submitted to XKM API are now correctly associated to previously received order items when integrators use numeric values for the serial numbers of those items and send the same order more than once.


IP Address Change Handling

The application has been modified to gracefully handle changes to the IP address while the application is running so that there is no disruption in service.

Older Releases

2021-01-12 | 3.1 Xenial Kitchen Management

The information provided below includes the user experience, process workflow, and infrastructure improvements and updates for this production version of Xenial Kitchen Management API and UI.

Supplemental Information

This release is not dependent on another release.

New Features


Order Sorting

Sort orders based on the capture timestamp of various system events.


Claim Items

Option for kitchen staff member to "Claim" all items on an order.


Kitchen Tickets

Added ability to configure the font size of kitchen tickets.

To turn on this feature:

Enable the Font Display Size toggle located in the Menu List section of the Kitchen Screen Settings editor in Data Management.


Item-Level Comments

Updated font of item-level comments to improve usability.


Cancelled Orders

Updated indicator for "Cancelled" orders to improve usability.



Item Quantity

Corrected instances where the deleted parent item quantity did not match its respective child item quantity.


Order Segments

Order Segment Grouping is now suppressed on orders with a single Order Segment.


Claim Items

"Claimed" items always indicated on the kitchen ticket.



Installation of duplicate kitchen stations is now disallowed. The user is presented with a notification stating "This kitchen station is already in use. Please select a different station."

XKM-4638, XKM-4653


Upgrade to XKM 3.1 without subscription issues.

2020-07-16 | 2.8 Xenial Kitchen Management

The information provided below includes the user experience, process workflow, and infrastructure improvements and updates for this production version of Xenial Kitchen Management API and UI.

Supplemental Information

This release is not dependent on another release.

New Features


Dynamic Order Filtering

Filtering orders by order destination enables the kitchen staff to switch between viewing Drive-Thru or Dine In orders on a particular station.


Quantifiable Modifiers

When the Quantifiable toggle is set to ON for a modifier in a product build and a quantity is specified for that modifier at the Ordering application, a numeric value is displayed to the left of the modifier on the kitchen ticket to indicate its respective quantity.


Tablet/iPad Battery Status

The battery status for the tablet/iPad device is now displayed in the header of the screen.


Open Order Color Scheme

Open orders are displayed with the standard color scheme, but order items are displayed in black font to make the item information more easily readable.



Orders were stuck on the screen due to network connectivity issues.


Item Name Wrapping

To accommodate long product and modifier names, up to two lines of text are provided as needed on the kitchen ticket.


Font Size for Window Minix Boxes

The font size used to display order content on Window Minix boxes is now increased. The font size was increased to make the item information more easily readable.



XKM is integrated with SQLite.


Claim Items

A Claim All button is implemented to allow the user to claim all of the items in order to optimize the time it takes to prep and deliver an order in the system.



Recall Orders

When the Recall Orders screen was opened, and other stations were using the same screen, the Recall Orders screen was opened on the other stations as well.



XKM iOS reengineering to improve overall performance.


Split Screen

Screens were displayed in reverse on a split screen setting.


Claim Items

Order item claims were lost / removed when transitioning order states.


Claim Items

There were issues claiming order items after the system was upgraded from 2.2.136-44 to 2.7.28.


Kitchen Display

POS orders were not displayed.



POS Datasync is used for syncing the orders between XKM instances.


Kitchen Display

Fractional modifier quantity greater than one in two different lines.



UI performance optimisation



DB querying improvements

  • Decrease requests amount

  • Use Bulk operations


Kitchen Display

The orders on kitchen are not filling up the cell space completely.


Claim Items

Order items weren't claimed after the order status changed.


Order Status

Several orders have a Pending status on the kitchen stations.

Orders should be in Saved status.



Orders were not cleared from the database in accordance with the Data Management setting Order Retention Timer.