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Xenial Venues Inventory


1.0.0 | Venue Inventory

Inaugural Release: April 10, 2023

XVI (Xenial Venues Inventory) introduces venues-based inventory controls to track cost, order and receive product, transfer product, track on hand quantities, and perform stand worksheet end counts. A core set of essential reports round out XVI. In addition, Xenial developers have an API-first approach and deploy in cloud (AWS).

Features include but are not limited to:

Inventory Items

The industry commonly refers to Inventory Items to as stock. These items are the foundation of XVI. Inventory items include food or non-food items.

Inventory Orders

Inventory Orders represents stock orders placed from suppliers and supports external order numbers. XVI also provides the ability to export Order and Delivery Dockets.


Reporting data includes, but is not limited to: Inventory Item Listing, Inventory On Hand, Inventory Count, Product Listing, and Order and Transfer Summaries.

Configuration and Controls

Item inventory and controls include, but are not limited to: Recipes, Par Levels, General Ledger Accounts, Standsheets,